Chapman microphone preamps for wind instruments and acoustic guitar.

On March 31, 2022, a concert by Sergey Klevensky (wind instruments) Mikhail Olenchenko (guitar) and Taisiya Krasnopevtseva (vocals) took place in the attic of the Alexey Kozlov Club.
The concert program consisted of folk songs (both in authentic sound and in modern reading), urban romances and author's music.
The performers are well–known Moscow musicians, residents of the Ethnosphere movement, who have been playing with each other in its various projects for a long time.
Brass - preamp Chepman 312B.
Guitar - preamp Chepman 1073B.
Sergey Klevensky is a living classic of folk and academic wind instruments. He is equally unique and magnificent in any style and genre, at live concerts and in studios, as a composer, performer and sideman. Has the rarest ability to quickly, harmoniously and carefully integrate into someone else's sound space. Mischievous and imaginative. A world-class musician, the discs on which he sounds are innumerable.

Mikhail Olenchenko is a graduate of the Music School. Gnessins in the classical guitar class and the Academy of them. Maimonides as a jazz guitarist. Easily shines with the technique of the game, a skilled improviser. Olenchenko's music is difficult to attribute to any genre: not folk, not fusion, but deeply related to them, harmoniously incorporating elements of jazz, classics and ethnics. At the end of 2018, his wonderful album "Two Birds" was released.

Taisiya Krasnopevtseva is known for her powerful and bright timbre. However, those who have been to Taisiya's concerts are more likely to agree with what music critics say about her: "the most gentle folk vocals of Russia."

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