Chapman PiTon Reverb tube guitar amplifier is in mass production.

Classic American amplifiers of the 50s and 60s inspired us to create the American School series.
Chepman PiTon Reverb brings you back to the atmosphere of the mid-60s. Whether you use it for rehearsals, in the studio or for classes at home, this amplifier will be in its place. If you play in a small hall and you need an amplifier capable of creating an adult sound at a moderate volume, keeping up with the drummer, then Chepman PiTon Reverb is the best option. It has enough power for this kind of work. The compact design means you don't need a van for transportation - it fits easily in your trunk or in the back seat. Once you plug in and start playing this amp on stage, you won't want to stop! And the magical shimmering VIBRATO combined with spring tube reverberation will take you to another dimension.
A studio session? The 15-watt output power of this amplifier puts it right in the category of small amplifiers that sound engineers love: it's enough to pump some air and record a great-sounding track. It works!
The classic timbre of the BlackFace amplifier.
Sparkle, purity and brilliance — American amplifiers of the 60s are often described in such terms, and the fully tube Chepman PiTon Reverb provides this feeling in the format of a small head or compact combo. With two 6V6 lamps in the power section controlling a 12-inch speaker of your choice, you get the perfect dense sound that responds to every nuance of your game. If you were looking for a compact tube combo for recording, at home or small concerts, we highly recommend the Chepman PiTon Reverb.
By design, PiTon Reverb is close to the Champ, but with a push-pull power section and a spring reverb. The same traditional "blackface" tone stack, known for its purity, musicality and muted midrange frequencies. As with Champ, we've also added a neat BOOST switch that disables the tone block. With BOOST enabled, the frequency response and Break UP are clearly more "tweedy" in nature.
We have also preserved an amazing cathode tremolo control scheme, which, in our opinion, surpasses the tremolo of the later "optical" type used in the older "Black Face" amplifiers of that period. The traditional cenotron in the power supply adds a pleasant feeling of warmth and light compression.
As with other Chapman Amps amplifiers, we have carefully selected the best components that match the design - transformers, CC resistors, OD capacitors for superior reliability, frequency response and feel. Structurally, PiTon, like all other amplifiers of the American School series, is mounted on Eyelet Boards, without the use of printed circuit boards. All connections are made manually with high-quality Vintage Cloth wires.
Chepman PiTon Reverb is the perfect all—tube amplifier for playing at home, in the studio and on stage!
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  • Power 16W
  • Number of channels 1
  • BOOST switch on the front panel
  • Controls for volume, bass, treble, reverb level, speed and tremolo intensity
  • 2-button Footswitch controls the activation of VIBRATO and REVERB
  • Lamps: 2 x 6V6 - in power amplifier
2x 12AX7/ECC83 – preamp and VIBRATO
1 x 12AT7 - Reverb
1 x 5AR4/GZ34 – Cenotron Power Supply
  • Supply voltage (Power Requirements) 230VAC
  • Dimensions of the HEAD - 400 x 225 x 220 mm /11kg
COMBO 1x12” – 508x416x240 mm/15kg

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