Chepman 1073B is a desktop version of the microphone (Class A) preamp 1073 without an equalizer. It has the same well-known characteristic sound with a harmoniously saturated bottom, elegant resonant high and focused midrange frequencies. The mobile design of the "Brick for Mic" with a built-in high-quality power supply allows you to conveniently use the device both in the studio and at live performances. Assembled by hand and tested with high quality standards. Only high-quality components.

  • The Carnhill input transformer allows the 1073B to work well with a variety of microphones.

  • Transformer symmetrical output. The output impedance is 65 Ohm.

  • Maximum gain of 50dB

  • 48V phantom power

  • Gain switch with 5dB increments and Trim control for fine-tuning the output signal level.

  • Separate Hi-Z input for instruments.

  • Peak signal transmission indicator

  • Built-in power supply.

1073B Frequency Response
10–45000 Hz +/-3dB
  • Mic Pre Input Impedance
1200 Ohms
  • DI Input Impedance
1 MOhms
  • Output Impedance
65 Ohm
  • Maximum Output Level
+27dBu @ 600Ω
  • Power Requirements
  • Gain, dB
0 to 50 dB
  • Dimensions
230 x 160 x 51,5 mm

1073B - desktop, mic preamp, Hi Z instr. - € 880,00

1073BH - desktop, mic preamp,HPF, external power supply (included) - € 946,00

1073H - REC, 1U, 1 Channel, D.I, Hi Pass Filter, External power supply (24V PSU) - € 1000,00

1073HD - REC, 1U, 2 channels, D.I, Hi Pass Filter, External power supply (24V PSU) - € 1900,00

1073 - REC, 1U, 1 Channel, Mic&Line In, D.I, Hi Pass Filter, 3-band EQ, External Power Supply (24V PSU) - € 2144,00

1073D - REC, 2U, 2 Channel, Mic&Line In, D.I, Hi Pass Filter, 3-band EQ, External Power Supply (24V PSU) - € 3980,00
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Транзисторный настольный микрофонный предусилитель Chepman 1073B

Chapman 1073B is ideal for use both at home and in the studio and in concert activities. Allows you to record a full-fledged track at home. The electric guitar and bass can be connected via a special instrumental high-resistance input for further processing by modeling plug-ins or re-dumping. Electronic keyboards sound warmer and denser. Life and meaning appear in inexpensive tools. And thanks to its small size, it is convenient for transportation to a performance or to a studio where there is no such device. The bigger the artist, the better he sounds. Using 1073B in live performances will raise your artistic bar by several points.

Транзисторный микрофонный предусилитель Класса А Chepman 1073B

Chepman 1073B is the best microphone preamp for recording everything: voice, guitars, bass, brass, synthesizers, etc. It gives the necessary density and filling, which allows the recorded material to fit well into any mix with minimal editing or without it at all. Class A makes the sound structure more musical and allows better and more accurate use of computer and hardware processing. Minimal changes in the compressor and equalizer settings are clearly audible, and the position of the fader in the mixing console becomes less critical. In the lower positions of the fader, the sound does not disappear, in positions close to the maximum it does not stick out. Tracks recorded on other equipment would like to be rewritten from 1073, or at least run through it to add warmth and sound.

Транзисторный микрофонный предусилитель Класса А Chepman 1073B

I use Chepman 1073B preamp at my concerts, all the time. Any instrumentalist knows for sure about the sound problems when playing the "line" at live concerts. And if it is also an acoustic instrument, sounded by a microphone in a "line"... An acoustic guitar with a "brick" fills the sound space much better. As a result, it is simply easier for the performer to play and there is more sound. In duets with vocalists, preamp is simply necessary! The sound of an acoustic guitar by nature approaches the sound of a grand piano Chepman 1073B gives full sound with great sustain.
If we talk about the bass guitar, the bass (passive or active), using Chepman 1073B, sounds great when connected directly to the remote. This is significantly better than most bass combos that are offered at venues. And if there is suddenly a good bass unit on the site, I use Chepman 1073B to send in line or through a splitter with a second channel.
Thanks to the use of Chepman 1073B at live performances, everything always sounds great in the hall of my instrument!

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