Chapman LA-2A compressor from Chepman Audio in mass production.

The LA-2A compressor from Chepman Audio is perhaps the most iconic compressor/limiter that has ever existed. You've heard it on countless hits. Pass your signal through it, and magic will happen. First introduced in the early 1960s, the LA-2A quickly became a staple in the racks of large and small recording and broadcast studios. Today, LA-2A is manufactured in accordance with the original specifications, manually soldered from point to point (point-to-point), while each component is carefully selected. Smooth, natural and supremely musical, the LA-2A tube electro-optical attenuator circuit provides instant gain reduction with zero increase in harmonic distortion like no other compressor you've ever used. Every serious studio needs at least one.
We accept pre-orders for the production of Chapman LA-2A! You can get advice on products, ask a question, make an order by writing to the mail , by phone +7 (983) 302-31-55 or by direct message to the Chepman Audio group in VK
One can attest to the fact that there is no shortage of LA-2A plug—ins - evidence of the enduring relevance of the hardware unit, sound appeal and mastery of dynamics control. LA-2A has been the main studio instrument for more than half a century, continues to fascinate new generations of retro sound lovers with its uncanny ability to work wonders with synthesizer bass and TR-909. Long-term dominance as a compressor for vocals, bass, drums, guitars and everything else you may need. The wide 3D sound and depth of the scene combined with the ease of use of two handles made the LA-2A an integral part of professional audio.
Compressor is available in modifications:

  • LA-2A - rэ, 3U, 1 channel
The best artists, engineers and producers appreciate LA-2A for its delicacy and lamp warmth. This compressor can be as transparent as it needs to be for vocals, but you can also blast a sizzling overdrive, pump up a skinny guitar and/or a dim tube stack. In combination with another compressor (the 1176 is a popular choice), the LA-2A provides silky-smooth vocals. “Put the arrow down” to smooth out the biggest peaks, then pass the signal through 1176 to put it in order. Experiment by flipping the chain. It's impossible to make LA-2A sound bad. There may never be a more iconic dynamic processor.

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