"Preamps from Chapman Audio for folk instruments and vocals".

On April 14, the House Club hosted the Sweet Space festival of inner space.
Our friends also took part in the festival - Daniil Korolev — vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, participant of the show "The Voice" https://vk.com/korolevdaniil And Argishti is the most famous Armenian duduk performer in Russia . https://vk.com/argishtyduduk .
Daniil Korolev is a musician and singer, a participant in the eighth season of The Voice. The melodies of the harp, throat singing, folk vocals and the Indian flute were masterfully combined under the leadership of Daniel and brought him fame in the capital, and later throughout Russia. In addition to music, Korolev is the author and organizer of a number of trainings on the disclosure of creative potential through voice.
Argishti was born and raised in St. Petersburg. Having received an academic musical education in his hometown, he went to Armenia and continued his studies with one of the best dudukists of our time - Gevorg Dabagyan. In 2008, under the guidance of a teacher, he began a solo career. Today Argishti is one of those who adequately represents duduk in Russia and abroad.
Mic preamp Chepman 1073B.

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