The classic Chapman C 47 tube studio condenser microphone with a large diaphragm, updated for modern recording.
Classic smooth midrange, powerful bass and airy treble make this microphone an ideal choice for any source.
Based on microphones used in countless vocal and classical recordings of the 1950s and later.
The M7 double-sided capsule provides a cardioid radiation pattern.
The EF12K lamp and the BV8 output transformer provide smooth sound and a large power reserve.
Power supply, shock absorber and wooden box included.

  • Microphone Type: Tube Condenser
  • Radiation pattern: cardioid
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz-20 kHz
  • Max. sound pressure: 138 dB
  • Output impedance: 200 ohms
  • Lamp: EF12
  • Power supply: External
  • Connector: XLR
  • Weight: 625g

  • Classic Tube Studio Condenser Microphone with Large Diaphragm Chepman C47 - € 2300,00

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Транзисторный настольный микрофонный предусилитель Chepman 1073B
A classical studio workhorse for vocals, amplifiers and instruments.
Whether you are recording the soulful singing of a baritone or the open and airy sound of a chamber string quartet, the C47 will provide you with impressive midrange, extended bass and crystal treble frequencies. From the loudest drums to the thinnest guitar strings with nylon strings, the C 47 conveys all the beauty of any source in the smallest detail. No matter which tube microphone you recorded with, until you get with 47, you'll never know what it's about.

There are few microphones as iconic as the Neumann U47. This vintage-style tube studio microphone gives you a thick, pleasant sound, thanks to which classic pop artists of the 1950s sounded all over the world. We took as a basis the concept and design of the most famous studio microphone. Since the VF14 lamp is becoming increasingly difficult to access and expensive, we opted for the EF12K. Although this lamp differs from the VF14, it is produced in the same form factor and allows you to make an excellent microphone in the spirit of the legend. The design of the circuit remained the same, the changes affected only the elements that ensure the correct operation of the new lamp. The capsule used is the STW7 red line from Thiersch. In our opinion, this is the best M7 capsule made to order today.
Old-school engineering and modern electronics provide the timeless sound of the U47.
Technology has changed a lot since the U47 first appeared in studios, and the original M7 capsule, as well as the surplus VF-14M military lamps that made up the heart of the U47, are long gone. But we still pursue the goal of providing a classic U47 sound. That's why we took the best components, starting from the EF12 lamp and ending with the V8 output transformer from AMI. In addition, we continue to develop our own BW8-style output transformer. Plug in the C47 and all you'll hear is the clear, amazing tone of the tube microphone.
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