Chapman preamps for live performances and studio work by Mikhail Savichev!

On March 27, 2022, a concert of our good friend and great guitarist Mikhail Savichev took place at the Karl and Clara Club in Moscow. Mikhail performed in a trio with great musicians Sergey Klevensky (wind instruments) and Yulia Loshkareva (vocals).
Concert program:

1st movement
  1. "Mi aire
  2. " "Tangos"
  3. "Amor de San Juan" (from N. Pastori's repertoire)
  4. Ephemerality G dur
  5. «Zapateado» e moll
  6. «Buleria»
  7. A. Manzanero. «Somos»
  8. Ephemerality A dur
  9. "Alegrias de Miguelito"
  10. "On a candle flame"
2nd movement
  1. "Zapateado" G dur with the dance
  2. "Lo Cura" (from the J. Levi repertoire)
  3. "Solstice"
  4. Prologue to "Tartary"
  5. "Pilgrim"
  6. Dance of the dervish
  7. "Old Fortress"
  8. "Tartary"
  9. "Oh, frost"
The presented project is actually world music, a unique fusion of flamenco music, Spanish guitar, Russian melodies, ethno and jazz. Almost all the music in the program is the author's music of a wonderful guitarist and composer from St. Petersburg, a member of the legendary Trio "Loiko", a nominee for the Grammy World Music Award in 2019.
Chapman 312B microphone preamplifier is used for the acoustic guitar.
The vocal microphone is connected via a Chapman 1073B preamp.

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