Микрофонный предусилитель Chepman 1073.

It's time to tell you about another Chapman Audio device ready for mass production. Chapman 2254B compressor.

2254 is a classic compressor with a diode level control unit. He started his life as a module in the legendary mixing consoles of the early 70s. Has its own signature colored sound, which is described as rich thick and round. The advantages of Class A are manifested with any instruments and voices where warmth and a filled lower middle are required. Does a great job with vocals, skinny or too bright recordings. As a tire compressor, it stitches the mix well, glues together separately sounding instruments. When writing in conjunction with 1073, it gives a complete source code, perfectly amenable to further revision (if necessary to solve artistic problems).
And we are starting to accept pre-orders for the production of Chapman 2254B and Chapman 2254BD! You can get advice on products, ask a question, make an order by writing to the mail sales@chepmanaudio.com , by phone +7 (983) 302-31-55 or by direct message to the Chepman Audio group in VK https://vk.com/chepmanaudio
Historically, 2254 has been limited in settings. Fixed attack time (5ms), recovery time from 400ms. Therefore, when choosing a tire compressor, people tended to his brother – 33609, which had more flexibility of settings, but already worked in the AB class. The compression control scheme, in fact, was a natural development of the 2254 control. The changes were small and concerned only the addition of additional missing modes and the possibility of more precise factory settings. Our 2254B combines the best of these two legendary devices. Sound path in Class A and more functional control 33609. In addition, without changing the historical scheme, we added an adjustment of the attack time, which is not present in any of the progenitors. When the power is turned off, the device switches to True Bypass mode.
Compressor is available in several versions:

  • 2254B - rec, 1U, 1 channel
  • 2254BD - rec, 2U, 2 channels

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