Chapman 1176 compressor is in mass production.

Classic 1176 limiter amplifier from Chepman Audio is an exact copy of the original design by Bill Putnam - an iconic example of the history of audio, who had a hand in the classic recordings of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and others. The 1176 has become a classic thanks to its unique lightning-fast attack and recovery time, a Class A musical output cascade and a wide range of sounds, ranging from thin, almost transparent compression to output drive and distortion.
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The ability to select the ratio using the Ratio button 4:1 and 8:1 for compression and 12:1 and 20:1 for limiting. The famous "All buttons are on" mode, when all Ratio buttons are pressed simultaneously. This allows the 1176 to reproduce a sound unlike any other analog device ever heard before. Distortion increases along with the tilt Ratio and delay time in response to the initial transients, creating an explosive sound on the drum room microphones, a fuzzing bass or electric guitar sound, or squeezing vocals to bring it to the foreground and center of your mix.
  • Compressor is available in several versions:

  • 1176 - rec, 1U, 1 channel
  • 1176D - rec, 2U, 2 channels
Many engineers pass a signal through it with compression disabled, just for tone. By themselves, the amplifier (Class A) and the transformers of the device give a seductive "hot" quality to any passing signal. Judicious use of the Attack and Release controls can give a real sense of energy that helps drive pop, rock, and dance recordings. The mere fact that every professional studio on Earth has at least one 1176 is enough for you to have one too.

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