"Equipment from Chapman Audio for the legend of the Russian rock band Kalinov Bridge".

Dmitry Revyakin - vocals (Chapman 1073 preamp, Chapman 1176 compressor), guitar (Chapman 1073B preamp)
Alexander Vladykin - accordion, keyboards
Andrey Baslyk - bass guitar (Chapman 312B preamp), backing vocals
Dmitry Plotnikov - guitar
Dmitry Krichevsky - drums
In the mid-80s, a Novosibirsk band with uncompromising leader Dmitry Revyakin made a splash at a rock festival in Podolsk, which became a turning point in the history of rock music in the post-Soviet space. And on March 30, the rock band Kalinov Most celebrated its 35th anniversary with a big concert "Gold of Songs" in Moscow. On this day, the history of the band began with a performance at the Musical Spring festival in Novosibirsk.
This spring the band started working on a new album "Canvases". On April 8, the premiere of the first single "Four Sides" took place https://band.link/4storony , which took the eleventh line of the chart of Our Radio. (Mixing and mastering — Vyacheslav Motylev, studio of Vladimir Osinsky, cover design — Vladimir Grunin, releasing label — Navigator Records)
At the past in the Rhythm & Blues Cafe rhythm-blues-cafe.ru At the concert, the band presented to its fans both their new works and songs from past albums that have long become hits of Russian rock.

We are just glad to be involved in the work of our beloved band and help our friends in creating the legendary analog sound not only in the studio, but also in their concert tours of our vast motherland!

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