Chepman Legend Mini is a continuation of the Legend Special line. We have reduced the output power of the amplifier to 20W and significantly reduced the dimensions and weight. Now it's easier to take it with you to a concert, and the power is enough to work in a small club without a sound. Despite the fact that the amplifier has all the family qualities of older brothers – rich functionality and a beautiful, recognizable tone – it's still a slightly different amplifier. Changing the power section required fine-tuning the pre-amplification section and bringing the entire structure to tonal balance. As a result, a not quite Special and not at all HRM amplifier with its uncompromising sound appeared.

  • Power 20W
  • Number of channels 2 – CLEAN and OVERDRIVE
  • NORMAL and JET input (with internal fine-tuning of gain)
  • The BRIGHT switch is combined with the VOLUME adjustment (Push-Pull)
  • MID BOOST and ROCK/JAZZ switches on the front panel
  • Passive equalizer TREBLE, MIDDLE, BASS is common for both channels
  • The OVERDRIVE channel has its own gain (LEVEL) and volume (RATIO) adjustments
  • Indication of the selected channel
  • MASTER and PRESENCE control the power amplifier.
  • 2-button Footswitch controls channel switching (CHANNEL) and Preamp Boost (PAB)
  • OD TRIM on the back panel (fine-tuning the overdrive channel response)
  • Passive effects loop
  • Lamps 2 x 6V6 - in power amplifier
  • 3 x 12AX7/ECC83 – preamp and phase inverter
  • Supply voltage (Power Requirements) 230VAC
  • Dimensions of the HEAD - 400 x 225 x 220 mm /12kg
  • COMBO – 465x546x260 mm/18kg (without speaker)

Legend Mini is available in the Head or Combo format.
  • Head 20W - € 2 280,00
  • Combo 1x12" 20W (WGS ET65 12" / 65 W / 8 Ohm) - € 2654,00
Recommended speaker – WGS ET65 12"

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Frequently Asked Question:” I've read that the components used in this type of amplifier are really important. What's inside my Legend?”

- We use a combination of parts, really high-quality modern parts that have passed strict selection for compliance with the design of the circuit and the sound of the prototype (power transformer, output transformer, choke, high-temperature/low-ESR electrolytic capacitors) and those used in the original amplifiers (precision Vishay/Dale RN65 metal film resistors, Carbon Film resistors with a capacity of 1 W, SBE 6PS capacitors, high-quality ceramic disc capacitors, Belton lamp panels and Alpha potentiometers). We prefer high-quality closed Cliff connectors (made in the UK) instead of the open-type Switchcraft used in the original and many clones. Also, we sometimes use NOS components from our spare parts collection in places they work well and complement the sound or improve the characteristics of the amplifier.
Pure tones are just as full and musical. The attack is clear, the mediator dives into the sound, not into the pillow. Sustain allows the notes to sound without dying prematurely. The transition to “Break Up” is smooth and confident, a little earlier than the Special.
The OVERDRIVE channel is bold, singing and incredibly detailed. Compared to the Special, a little more bite. Perfect for Fusion, but if you want Classic or Folk Rock, it can do that too. Don't expect it to sound like Plexy or Soldano, rather between the old Tweed Deluxe 5E-3 and JTM45. Responds well to the rollback of the volume and timbre knobs on the instrument.
INPUT sockets provide two tonal options. FET directs your signal to the amplifying stage of the JFET (field-effect transistor) before entering the first stage of the electronic lamp. Initially, the FET input was designed for piezo sensors without an onboard preamp. Now it's another paint in your palette. NOR is common. Most often, NOR provides the best results in Clean and Overdrive modes.
Structurally, the Mini, like the Special, is mounted on Eyelet Boards, without the use of printed circuit boards. All connections are made manually with high-quality Vintage Cloth wires.

Of all the amplifiers in the Legend series, the Legend Mini is probably the most convenient option for an active musician who is looking for his own unique voice. We hope that you will appreciate our modifications, the choice of components and assembly methods. Most of all, we hope that Legend Mini is an important part of your sound setup and will match your game and music.
Demo recording of Chapman Legend Special sound
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