Chepman Legend Special tube guitar amplifier is in mass production.

Chepman Legend Special is our personal representation of one of the most famous and expensive guitar amplifiers of all time.
Legend Special gives many shades of guitar sound. A clear channel sounds incredibly full without being too dark or heavy in the lower range. Compared to classic clean amplifiers, the “Blackface” Legend Special has more filling in the lower middle and more pleasant high frequencies. A good sustain does not allow a note or chord to fade ahead of time and helps to maintain the concentration and sound production of the artist throughout the performance. He also goes into “Break Up”, more smoothly and confidently.
Although we have several versions in the Legend series, Legend Special is probably the most versatile option for a musician who is looking for his own unique voice. We hope that you will appreciate our modifications, the choice of components and assembly methods. Most of all, we hope that Legend Special will become an integral part of your sound equation and will match your game and music.
Structurally, the Special, like all other amplifiers of the Legend series, is mounted on Eyelet Boards, without the use of printed circuit boards. All connections are made manually with high-quality Vintage Cloth wires.

The OVERDRIVE channel is bold, singing and incredibly detailed. Every nuance of your game will sparkle, and the responsiveness and multi-layered harmonic subtext of the amplifier will breathe new life into your game. Perfectly feels the movement of the right hand and reacts to the rollback of the volume and timbre knobs on the instrument. This is not a rock amp, although with certain settings, it can be quite close.
BRIGHT is a carefully tuned treble boost that can be used to boost the attack and add sparkle to your sound in both pure and overdrive mode. The emphasis on the upper frequencies becomes more noticeable when the volume decreases
MID BOOST — mid-frequency gain. You can add fat to your pure tone or overdrive. Or make the sound of single coil sensors more full. We especially like MID BOOST with overdrive mode.
ROCK/JAZZ adjusts the overall frequency response and sound of the amplifier. ROCK has a denser lower middle and a deeper bottom. The ROCK position is the usual, known to every guitarist, tonal response of a tube guitar amplifier. JAZZ reduces the low and corrects the midrange frequencies, gives the amplifier a more hi-fi response. Try both, as each has a great sound.
The unique PREAMP BOOST (PAB) function tosses and pushes the guitar forward out of the overall mix, making it ideal for solo. In CLEAN mode, the sound approaches the TWEED territory, in OVERDRIVE mode, the sound becomes more collected and articulated.
The effects loop is passive, as in the original. In fact, this is a gap-a tie-in between a preamp and a power amplifier. To fully work with the effects unit, it is recommended to use a special TUBULATOR device, which is a tube interface device with adjustable sending and returning.
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