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Kvartal group occupies a special place in the national musical history. Kvartal is a famous Russian soul-jazz-funk project that combines light lyrics, energetic rhythm, performing professionalism, non-standard stylistic moves and, of course, the charming vocals of Tatiana Litvinenko, acting as a panacea. Light and sensual jazz mixes found a neighborhood with ethnic arrangements, classic rock backline - with trumpet, trombone and rich percussion.

Mirages of azure tropical bays, gentle surf, breezes, coral reefs are the first allusions that the "Quarter" group causes. Undoubtedly, most of our compatriots know about the existence of the city of Paramaribo only thanks to the unique timbre of Tatiana Litvinenko. Masters of sweet dreams and mirages have released 8 albums, excellent both in quality and sense of style, and so radically different from the releases of colleagues on the domestic scene... Actually, the "Quarter" is called the most sound project of the Soviet era.

The founder of the group is the poet and musician Artur Pilyavin, who wrote most of the compositions of the "Quarter" and was engaged in numerous additional projects.
The first concert of the "Quarter" took place on April 29, 1987 on the stage of the Gorbunov Recreation Center together with the S. Brigade.
Having arisen during the period of perestroika, the "Quarter" became a kind of long-awaited messiah of advanced Western trends, but at the same time the creativity of the collective has never been secondary, preserving its own style. From its very first public performance (in 1987), the collective showed the public adamant experimenters who are able to absorb new musical trends, synthesizing their know-how.
It is not surprising that since 1989 the group began to engage in world tours. For the first time, the pop collective has gained keen interest and real success outside the Soviet borders. The band toured the world, breaking the applause everywhere: in Sweden and Denmark, Iceland and Finland, and even in Asia and Africa. In the post-Soviet space, Kvartal has always managed to remain on the crest of pop popularity, but it has never been a mass product.

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