The amplifier is single-channel. The power amplifier has four 6V6 lamps with a higher anode voltage compared to other amplifiers using the same lamps. In the era of the production of the first original amplifiers, this was a problem. Old lamps worked unreliably, and often failed, often at the most inopportune moments. This greatly limited the use of these amplifiers, especially on tours. Modern lamps calmly tolerate this heavy mode of operation. We have conducted a large number of tests and lengthy inspections in the most difficult conditions. And we are calm about the performance of our amplifiers. There is a power switch – 60/30W, which turns off two 6V6 lamps.
The preamp and phase inverter have three 12AX7 lamps and one 12AT7 lamp spring reverb driver.
The input part remains clean while the phase inverter and the output stage form the necessary distortions. This is different from the traditional American and British guitar sound. Rather, something in between. The rich dynamics combined with the fullness of the sound remind of the bass guitar origin. The sound is great, but without unnecessary heaviness at the bottom of the sound range.
There is no Master handle. The Gain knob controls the overall volume of the amplifier, similar to tweed-era or Plexy amplifiers.
The tone stack is made according to the Peter J. Baxandall scheme, which makes it possible to both attenuate and amplify high and low frequencies. This solution is practically not found in the design of guitar amplifiers. Basically it's bass guitar amplification and Hi-Fi.
Push-pull switches are installed on the Gain and Treble handles. Presence adds high frequencies like turning a knob with the same name. Bright provides a slight rise in high frequencies.
There are Preamp Out and Poweramp In connectors on the back panel, providing a dry break for the effects loop. To fully connect external effects, an additional device, such as a Tubulator, is required.

- Power 60/30W
- Number of channels 1
- Spring reverb
- Push-Pull – PRESENCE, BRIGHT, MID BOOST switches
- 30/60W power switch
- Effects loop
- Lamps: 4 x 6V6 - in power amplifier
3x 12AX7/ECC83 – preamp and phase inverter
12AT7 – reverberation
- EVM12L Loudspeaker
- Supply voltage (Power Requirements) 230VAC
- Dimensions COMBO 1x12” – 563x445x242 MM /19KG

Chapman K-Amp is available in head or combo format:
  • 45W head - € 2 460.00
  • Combined 1x12" 45W - € 3,328.00
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The overall impression. The distortion of the power section makes the harmonic richness, depth and color much more substantial and pleasing to the ear and gives a natural smoothness of distortion at any level.
The combo is equipped with an Electro voice EVM12L speaker.
As with other Chapman Amps amplifiers, we have carefully selected the best components that match the design - transformers, CC resistors, OD capacitors for superior reliability, frequency response and feel. Structurally, Kamp, like all other amplifiers of the American School series, is mounted on Eyelet Boards, without the use of printed circuit boards. All connections are made manually with high-quality Vintage Cloth wires.
K-Amp is an excellent choice for any guitarist who wants to find his own unique sound and strives to better unlock the potential of his expensive instrument.
Classic American amplifiers of the 50s and 60s inspired us to create the American School series.
The history of this amplifier began in the second half of the 60s, when an engineer who recently finished his musical career got an Ampeg SB12 bass combo for service. They say that the girl of the owner of the amplifier, after watering the fern that stood on the amplifier, decided to turn it on for testing. The amplifier was restored with the replacement of a rare output transformer that failed with a more affordable one from Fender. Damaged output stage lamps were also replaced with more affordable 6V6. When a guitar was connected to the restored amplifier (the engineer was still a guitarist), the amplifier sounded great. This is the canonical history of the creation of this amplifier.
The original amplifier was used at various times by such musicians as Bonnie Raitt, Lee Ritenour, Robben Ford, Mark Knopfler and Joe Bonamassa.
We did not look for easy ways and went all the way, guided by the basic idea. The result was K-Amp, an amplifier that, at the stage of creation and refinement, brought us a lot of pleasure and expanded our understanding of the guitar sound space.
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