Chapman HRM Special tube guitar amplifier in mass production.

Chepman HRM Special is our look at one of the classic American Hi Gain amplifiers, a specific iteration of the “D” circuit of the early 90s. These amps are commonly referred to as "HRM", which is an allusion to hot-native British guitar tones. The sound is usually more aggressive than Special, especially when Preamp Boost (PAB) is enabled.
The clean channel is very similar to our Legend Special, but we removed the feedback in the second stage, as a result of which the sound became more dynamic and wide.
HRM has an internal adjustable tone stack (high, medium, low frequencies) for the overdrive channel. This allows the player to fine tune the Overdrive tone to their liking. Also different from Special is that each channel has its own independent volume control.
We use a combination of parts, really high-quality modern parts that have passed strict selection for compliance with the design of the circuit and the sound of the prototype (power transformer, output transformer, choke, high-temperature/low-ESR electrolytic capacitors) and those used in the original amplifiers (precision Vishay/Dale RN65 metal film resistors, Carbon Film resistors with a capacity of 1 W, SBE 6PS capacitors, high-quality ceramic disc capacitors, Belton lamp panels and Alpha potentiometers). We prefer high-quality closed Cliff connectors (made in the UK) instead of the open-type Switchcraft used in the original and many clones. Also, we sometimes use NOS components from our spare parts collection in places they work well and complement the sound or improve the characteristics of the amplifier.
Legend HRM is likely to be the preferred option for a musician who is looking for a hotter amp, nevertheless having its own unique rich and complex voice and a large selection of tones. We hope that you will appreciate our modifications, the choice of components and assembly methods. Most of all, we hope that Legend HCX will become an integral part of your sound path and will match your game and music.
Structurally, HRM, like all other amplifiers of the Legend series, is mounted on Eyelet Boards, without the use of printed circuit boards. All connections are made manually with high-quality Vintage Cloth wires.
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