Предусилитель микрофонный Chepman 1073B и Chepman 312B

The world of true & pure sound for real musicians, for those, who understand.

Our mission and ideology

We do not produce devices for the market! We make instruments for the studio. Why make technological, but bad-sounding products when you can make good ones? This simple idea formed the basis of the ideology of "Chepman Audio".

Recorded by Chepman Studio, december 2020. Preamp - Chepman 1073, Compressor - Chepman 2254, Mic - Chepman C47.

Our News

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Chapman Audio manufactures studio instruments and hand-assembled tube guitar amplifiers of the highest quality. An individual approach to the development of projects, the selection of components, assembly, many years of experience and a clear understanding of the needs of both sound engineers and musicians in high-quality sound and functional and easy-to-use equipment allow us to create high-class devices not for the "market", but for people. And make them more affordable than expensive analogues of world-famous brands, but with no less wonderful sound and their own character.
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