Chepman studio microphone C12 is in mass production.

Chepman C12 tube microphone with a large diaphragm is an excellent choice for all types of instruments, especially well suited for drum overheads, acoustic guitar and vocals. Its silky-smooth upper frequencies provide plenty of air, without roughness or artificially emphasized treble. Its midrange frequencies sound clear and articulate, capturing the source with a natural presence. Its low frequencies are dense and focused, perfectly balanced with the rest of the frequency range.

Variable directional pattern provides recording flexibility
The power supply of the C12 tube condenser microphone is not only versatile, but also switchable directional patterns. You get omnidirectional, cardioid, eight and six other intermediate diagrams. In other words, no matter what you record, the C12 has a complete set of directional patterns. Use a circle to capture the sound of a large room or a group of singers, a cardioid to remove unwanted sounds, and an eight, which is great for recording in the middle. The versatile and flexible tube condenser microphone C12 is ready for any job.
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Если когда-либо существовал микрофон, который был бы воплощением классического звука высокой точности, то это был бы австрийский C12. Первоначально разработанный AKG Acoustics в 1953 году, C12 ценится за его гладкую, воздушную, ровную частотную характеристику. Конструкция C12 была уникальной благодаря технологии дистанционной поляризации капсюля. Возможность изменять диаграмму напрвленности капсюля между кардиоидной, всенаправленной и восьмеркой (и шестью промежуточными диаграммами между ними) на блоке питания вместо переключателей на борту микрофона, сделала C12 одним из самых универсальных ламповых микрофонов с большой диафрагмой своего времени. Оригинальные микрофоны C12, которые многие считают
At the heart of each C12 microphone is the HK12 capsule from Heiserman. Only a few companies in the world produce CK12 capsules that match the original design, and this is one of them! The amplifier circuit uses a German-made Haufe T14 output transformer, created by analogy with the original. The lamp used is selected 6072 GE 5-Star USA, NOS. Our circuit design is based on the original fixed offset circuit, a configuration that feels like a firmer bottom and transparency compared to the auto-displacement used by some manufacturers today.

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