Chepman BF22 Reverb was created under the impression of the main, since 1965, club amplifier. The sweet musical tone of 6V6 lamps, a lamp reverb, a lamp tremolo on an opto element and the right power in a convenient case. One of the most popular amplifiers in the style of “Fender”, with all the features that the original vintage beast became famous for.
The layout of the front and back panels fully corresponds to the original, with high and low gain inputs, volume, treble and bass controls, as well as a spring reverb level control and speed and intensity controls for the vibrato effect, which is actually, of course, a tremolo. The first channel is without effects, again with two inputs and volume controls, treble and bass.

  • Power 22W
  • Number of channels 2, (normal and vibrato)
  • Spring reverb and optical tremolo
  • Volume controls, low frequencies, high frequencies on the NORMAL channel
  • Controls for volume, bass, treble, reverberation level, speed and intensity of tremolo on the VIBRATO channel
  • 2-button Footswitch controls the activation of VIBRATO and REVERB
  • Lamps: 2 x 6V6 - in power amplifier
  • 2x 12AX7/ECC83 – preamp and VIBRATO
  • 2 x 12AT7 – reverb and phase inverter
  • 1 x 5AR4/GZ34 – Cenotron Power Supply
  • Supply voltage (Power Requirements) 230VAC
  • Dimensions COMBO 1x12” – 622x445x242 mm / 19kg

  • Chepman BF Deluxe Reverb is available in Head or Combo format:
  • BF Deluxe Reverb Head 22 W - € 2 480,00
  • BF Deluxe Reverb Combo 1x12" 22W, Jensen C12Q 8 Ohm - € 2 828.00
  • Chapman BF Super Reverb is available in a head or Combo format:
  • BF Super Reverb Head 50W - € 2 680,00
  • BF Super Reverb Combo 1x12" 50W, Jensen C 15 La 8th - $ 3,138.00
  • Chapman BF Twin Reverb is available in the head format or Combined:
  • BF Twin Reverb Head 100W - € 2,860.00
  • BF Twin Reverb Combo 1x12" 100W, J 2x Jensen C12N - € 3,506.00
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Classic Blackface timbre: recorded on countless recordings, this is a fantastic sparkling clear sound, warm BreakUp and deep tube-spring reverberation of the famous "blackface" amplifiers of the early-mid 1960s, which are appreciated by guitarists all over the world.
As with other Chapman Amps amplifiers, we have carefully selected the best components that match the design - transformers, CC resistors, OD capacitors for superior reliability, frequency response and feel. Structurally, PiTon, like all other amplifiers of the American School series, is mounted on Eyelet Boards, without the use of printed circuit boards. All connections are made manually with high-quality Vintage Cloth wires.
Chepman BF22 Reverb is the uncompromising choice of any guitarist who plays human music and wants to better unlock the potential of his expensive instrument.
We are not fans of printed circuit boards for tube amplifiers. Chepman BF22 Reverb uses Eyelet Boards, characteristic of the 50-60s of the last century, and manual desoldering with a high-quality Vintage Cloth wire, which, in our opinion, leaves, in addition to high reliability of the design, those tiny pieces of sound that disappear somewhere from modern amplifiers with the loud name “Reissue”.
The larger body of the BF22 Reverb (compared to the PiTon) and a slightly larger anode voltage add up to a more powerful sound — a slightly higher volume level and headroom margin mean that the BF22 Reverb is ideal for pubs and clubs, and, like the PiTon, its smooth transition into overdrive is ideal for blues, fusion, Southern rock... in fact, for almost any American musical genre that you can name.
The tube reverb is very good - no noise, with a huge range from soft ambient to full-fledged surf, while the vibrato/tremolo effect goes from deep, slow pulses to almost LFO territory.
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