These are microphone preamps, compressors, equalizers and tube microphones for recording studios of any level, theaters, TV studios, podcasts, stream and artists who want to improve their sound on stage and online. For our devices, we have carefully selected the best components that meet the design and specifications, as well as only high-quality Carnhill (St lves), Sowter, Jensen, AMI transformers.

We produce musical equipment for the studio and stage based on the design of vintage instruments that we can hear on the main historical tracks and have become the industry standard of the world music industry.

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Welcome to Chepman Audio, a company of high-quality studio equipment and guitar tube amplifiers.
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... "Why make technological, but bad-sounding products when you can make good ones?"...
- If you want to be able to record a decent track even at home;
- If you are tired of struggling with recorded material when mixing;
- If you record the source material to be sent to a commercial foreign studio for mixing, but you do not accept it due to insufficient quality (although it seemed that everything was fine);
- If there is a desire to free up time and energy to solve creative tasks or just do more work;
- If you don't want to tell your colleagues modestly with downcast eyes, what could I do? - then you need a high-quality analog path in your recording chain.

We offer you devices that will solve all these issues!
Another activity of our company is the production of tube guitar amplifiers. Design and schematics are American classics and English traditions. No printed circuit boards. Turret and Eyelet Boards and the best components according to design and specifications. Only manual assembly and individual tuning of each amplifier.
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