33609D compressor by Chepman Audio — carefully designed according to the strict specifications of the 1970s, the 33609D stereo compressor/limiter represents one of the pinnacles of studio equipment. Popular with legions of engineers, producers and artists, the 33609D is renowned for its characteristic warmth and ability to add density and volume to the mix. With an independently selectable limiter and compressor on each channel, with variable recovery time and slow and fast attack modes, the 33609D is better known as a stereo bus compressor, however, it is equally suitable for use for tracking both in stereo mode and as two completely separate monophonic devices. The compressor, made by hand, is a reference studio instrument with a legendary sound that will breathe life into your tracks and mixes.

Discrete Class A Design
33609D uses a Class A design that provides distortion-free operation with increased clarity and sharpness. With limited settings, the 33609D is relatively transparent, while maintaining transients and dynamic ratios. Even with extreme settings, 33609 remains musical with a proprietary warmth that has made it the main compressor for many professional sound engineers. 33609D is a classic compressor with a diode level control unit, the prototype of which was the famous 2254. The discrete output stage (B340), without microchips, has a warm rich sound.

  • Frequency response
20 - 200 Hz +/-0.5 dB
  • Noise level
-75 dBm in the band from 20 Hz to 20 kHz in the Compression OFF position
-55 dBm in the Compression ON and Maximum gain position
  • The level of nonlinear distortion
Compressor off – 0.075%
  • The compressor is on, the ratio is 6:1 – 0.2%
  • Limit threshold from +4 dB to +15 dB
  • Maximum attack time: slow – 4 ms, fast – 2 ms
  • Maximum recovery time: 50 MS, 100 ms, 200 ms, 800 ms, Auto 1 (800 ms), Auto 2 (8 ms)
  • Compression ratio
1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 6:1
  • Trigger threshold
-20 dBm to +10 dBm in 2 dBm increments
  • Recovery time
100 MS, 400 ms, 800 ms, 1500 ms, Auto 1~500 ms, Auto 2~2 S
  • Enhancing Makeup
From 0 to 20 dB in 1 dB increments
  • Supply voltage
  • Dimensions
230 x 160 x 51.5 mm

  • 33609 - rack, 1U, 1 chennel - € 1400,00
  • 33609D - rack, 2U, 2 chennels - € 2420,00
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More than a bus compressor
Despite the fact that 33609D has earned a reputation as a powerful stereo bus compressor, it is designed not only for mixing. During tracking, 33609D perfectly smooths vocals, acoustic instruments, drums and much more. Use it for tracking in stereo or switch to dual mono mode for two excellent mono compressors that can be used during a recording session. Engineers like to pass the snare drum and barrel through 33609D while tracking, and then use it on the stereo drum plate during mixing. This is another way to make the most of this device!
Two stages of dynamics control
Stacking compressors and limiters are the secret weapon used by top engineers to create incredible mixes that jump out of your speakers. To this end, 33609 serves both a compressor and a limiter on each channel, which can be used independently or sequentially to saturate your tracks. Both the limiter and compressor offer a recovery time range with two automatic recovery modes that adjust their behavior depending on the source sound, as well as fast and slow attack parameters to adjust how quickly the limiter and compressor suppress the signal after exceeding the threshold.
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