Novelties of Chapman Audio in mass production

At the end of February 2022, Chapman Audio introduced several models of transistor microphone preamps, one of which was Chepman 312B. This model was born as a result of many years of hard work, searching, trial and error, embodying ease of use, functionality, excellent quality and excellent performance.
The device in desktop version, due to its shape, was called "Brick" or "Brick For Mic".
It is a versatile workhorse for home, studio and live performances. The small size and built-in power supply will greatly facilitate the life of a touring artist.
Speaking about its characteristics, it should be noted that it leaves the sound open, preserves transients and has an additional impact.
What you need for a rock guitar and bass. Effective on the reels.
Works great with acoustic guitars, violins, grand piano, percussion. As a result, we get a sound that is open at the upper and lower frequencies and very punchy at the middle ones.
Due to the more sparse structure of the sound, in comparison with 1073, delicately conveys the semitones and nuances of the sound material.
The preamp will be available in several versions:

312B - desktop, mic preamp, Hi Z instr.
312H - rack, 1U, 1 channel, Hi Z instr.
312HD - rec, 1U, 2 channel, Hi Z instr.
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