Chepman 312B is a desktop microphone preamp. The circuit is characterized by the absence of capacitors in the signal path. This makes the device fast, with a good kick. The mobile design of the "Brick for Mic" with a built-in high-quality power supply allows you to conveniently use the device both in the studio and at live performances. Assembled by hand and tested with high quality standards. Only high-quality components.

  • The Ed Anderson input transformer allows you to work well with various microphones

  • Transformer symmetrical output. The output impedance is 75 Ohm.

  • Uses a 2520 discrete operational amplifier

  • Maximum gain 65dB

  • 48V phantom power

  • Attenuation of the input signal by 20dB to connect sources with a high level

  • Gain switch with 5dB increment and Output control for fine-tuning the output signal level

  • Separate Hi-Z input for instruments

  • Signal passing

Frequency Response
5–75000 Hz +/-3dB
  • Mic Pre Input Impedance
600 Ohms
  • DI Input Impedance
1 MOhms
  • Output Impedance
75 Ohm
  • Maximum Output Level
+27dBu @ 600Ω
  • Power Requirements
  • Gain, dB
10to 65 dB
  • Dimensions
230 x 160 x 51,5 mm

  • 312B - desktop, mic preamp, Hi Z instr. - € 850,00

  • 312H - rack, 1U, 1 channel, Hi Z instr. - € 1048,00

  • 312HD - rec, 1U, 2 channel, Hi Z instr. - € 1928,00
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Chapman 312B microphone preamplifier is open at high and low frequencies and very punchy at medium. It leaves the sound open, preserves transients and has an additional impact. The middle is forward! What you need for a rock guitar and bass. Effective on the reels. Works great with acoustic guitars, piano, percussion. By raising the gain level and weakening the output signal with the Output knob, you can achieve a very aggressive sound characteristic of modern rock and punk. At the same time, due to the more sparse structure of the sound (compared to 1073), it delicately conveys the semitones and nuances of the sound material. It can be assertive-impudent as a screamer and delicately soft and delicate as a summer shade in a city garden.

A versatile workhorse for home, studio and live performances. The small size and built-in power supply will make the life of a touring artist easier.
Your sound is always with you. Works great in the mix in conjunction with 1073. They combine well and add up, do not conflict, complement each other like different colors in the artist's palette. If 1073 is Agent 007: British sophisticated coolness, then 312 is Jason Bourne: an American and a brilliant tactician.
Customers review
Chepman 312B microphone preamplifier (Desktop) has a clean, neutral sound. If you don't need a color and you like to "catch up" with your character, then this is an ideal desktop version of a pure-sounding universal preamp. Chepman 312B allows you to quickly put, for example, vocals on a phonogram, and completely imperceptible and light compression works wonders.
In conjunction with a good microphone, this preamp gives almost a RAW signal. Clean assembled character, big bottom, true signal dynamics (as is) and clear transparency. Chepman Audio offers system solutions for recording studios. Using a 312B microphone preamp or a microphone preamp with a Chepman1073 equalizer in combination with other analog path devices (Chepman 2254B compressor) allows you to get a full-fledged assembled sound and, of course, convenience in working with the mix.
Producer, composer, sound engineer DIP Project

Denis Murzin

Speaking figuratively about the nature of the sound of Chepman 312B microphone preamplifier, I would like to describe it as fast and transparent. What is needed, and what is sometimes so hard to achieve! It is indispensable when recording a snare drum, when you want to give lightness without losing energy and the musician's pitch! Delicately accentuates all the colors of acoustic instruments. Its versatility is simply amazing!

Mikhail Lemeshko

Sound Engineer of Novosibirsk State Philharmonic

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